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Academic Plagiarism in the U.K.

Plagiarism is getting worse. This post will highlight some facts and stats to back it up. Why do students plagiarize? We’ll also reveal those here, so keep on reading.
academic plagiarism in the u.k.

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Academic Plagiarism in the UK

  • 60,000 students were caught cheating in the last four years
  • 40,000 of them were disciplined
  • 400 of the students were expelled, while 12,000 had a grade deduction.

Facts and Stats about Academic Integrity in Secondary School

Based on a survey among 43,000 students, both in private and public schools conducted by the Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics,

  • 59% of the respondents admitted of cheating during exams in their last year
  • 34% of them self-reported committing cheating at least twice
  • 1/3 of them admitted of plagiarizing their assignments using online sources

Based on a survey at 70 high schools among 24,000 students conducted by the Donald McCabe (Rutgers University,

  • 64% students reported cheating on an exam
  • 58% of them reported plagiarism
  • 95% admitted to participating in a form of cheating – copying a homework, plagiarism or cheating on a test

Based on a survey conducted by the Donald McCabe, Rutgers University among 9,250 graduate students and 63,700 US undergraduate students,

  • 36% reported copying or paraphrasing online sentences from internet sources without citing or footnoting them
  • 14% of the students admitted falsifying or fabricating a bib and 7% of grad students reported the same
  • 7% reported copying sources almost word for word from a source without footnoting or citing
  • 7% of the surveyed reported turning in the homework or work of another student and 3% of grad students admitted the same

Reasons Students Plagiarize

  • Lack of research skills
  • Many students don’t know how to search databases for research materials, articles and journals as well as library catalogs.
  • Having problems in evaluating web sources
  • Many of them do not how to weigh or evaluate web sources. This is a problem that can affect their research and writing skills.

Paraphrasing and Plagiarism Confusion

  • More than 50% of students don’t know the difference between theses two. The problem because worse if they need to paraphrase unfamiliar words as well as jargons and technical terms.
  • Terminology confusion
  • For instance, many of them do not understand the differences between a report and an essay, as well as between narrative and descriptive essays. Thus, teachers might want to make their instructions clear and easy to understand.
  • Mindless note taking
  • Many students, without being aware, plagiarize even during preliminary research. When they’re not careful, they can mix up directly quoted and paraphrasing UK materials easily.

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