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Quick Steps on How to Reduce Plagiarism Percentage

There’s no denying it. Plagiarism is deadly, as you can see from plagiarism facts and statistics UK. Many institutions have devised concrete mechanisms on how to reduce plagiarism percentage in academic papers that students deliver. But why should we avoid plagiarism?  Because it is the one thing in Academia not compromised with?

The simple answer lies with the rules and regulations implemented in intellectual property. You see, stealing intellectual property can prove financially deadly because of all the copyright lawsuits that will be coming one’s way. To avoid such lawsuits and potential penalties, it is important one knows ways to avoid plagiarism as frequently as possible.

how to reduce plagiarism percentage

How Can You Avoid Plagiarism?

With that in mind, here are some subtle ways in which you can avoid the trap of plagiarism:

  • Always begin any content, assignment, academic paper early. Beginning with your writing assignments as early as possible is a sure way of avoiding the traps of plagiarism. This will help you fight the temptation of copying content word for word in an attempt to rush over your assignment and deliver it before the deadline.
  • Make accurate citations. It’s great that you have made the responsible decision to cite your sources. Nevertheless, they will not have an impact on your paper if you cite them the wrong way. To make accurate citations, it is vital that you understand the different ways in which sources are cited according to the format that you are presenting your paper in.
  • Proofreading. Not 0nly is proofreading designed to help you avoid any errors in syntax and grammar, but also can be a great way to determine whether you have plagiarized your content or not. Indeed, when scanning the paper, ensure that every borrowed source of content has been cited correctly.
  • Paraphrase your content. In simple terms, paraphrasing is borrowing someone else’s ideas and objectives, but writing them in your own words. Note: Paraphrasing does not simply mean taking content from a source and replacing a couple of words with other words.
  • Use a plagiarism checker. After you have completed penning down content, ensure to check for plagiarism using a credible plagiarism website or software.

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How to Paraphrase Content to Avoid Plagiarism

Here are some subtle ways in which you can reword sentences to avoid plagiarism.

  • Begin the sentence from a unique point of view than that of the initial text. The goal here is to start the sentence from a different angle without losing the meaning of the sentence.
  • The power of synonyms. The beauty of synonyms is that one can maintain the meaning and relevance of the sentence without falling into the temptation of plagiarizing the content. Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that some synonyms can make a sentence lose meaning if they are used without critical consideration.
  • Using a different sentence structure. For example, if the sentence was in active voice, one can shift it into passive or even change the subject or verb predicate. Understanding such intricacies can make it easy for you to avoid plagiarism.
  • Use multiple sentences. One of the best ways of paraphrasing is breaking one sentence into smaller parts to maintain the meaning of the sentence, while still ensuring plagiarism is avoided altogether. For example, one can eliminate conjunctions such as ‘because’ to make two different sentences and change their structure.

How to Reduce Plagiarism Percentage in Your Content

If your content already contains plagiarism, don’t panic. Here are some of the ways in which you can reduce the percentage of plagiarism in your content:

  • Change the overall voice of your content. For example, if you wrote your content in a passive voice, you can opt to change it to an active voice. This way, a large number of sentences will have to be changed, which will definitely minimize plagiarism.
  • Autocheck with Plagiarism Software. There is certain anti-plagiarism software that gives you the ability to see the sentences that you have plagiarized. Here, you can take definitive measures to reword these sentences to minimize the plagiarism in the text.

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