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Paraphrasing Service in Ireland: Rewrite to Avoid Plagiarism

What Is Plagiarism?

Paraphrasing services UK are helping people to avoid plagiarism, some others are using paraphrasing tool UK. However, before using services or tools, its necessary that people understand what plagiarism is, because most of time they indulge in this crime, just because of ignorance.

If you use, the work of another person, which can be any piece of writing, research findings, music melody or anything. When you publish it without citing his name and you use it as it’s yours, this is plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offence in many cases. People have to face serious issues like fail a subject, expelled from university, cancelled their degree, destroyed career, loss of job, heavy fines and much more. To avoid all these issues, it’s important to avoid plagiarism.  They have to rewrite to avoid plagiarism Ireland.

The exact statistics about plagiarism are not possible to calculate. Majority of the people and students don’t admit that they plagiarize and most of times it is not detected by the authorities. Here are some statistics, which can help you to understand the severity of the situation.

  • According to an estimate more than 80% student copy the content from any source, once in life.
  • 50% students in schools, don’t consider it a crime.
  • In school, plagiarists rarely get caught.
  • 60 % students plagiarize content from the internet, while other uses printed sources.
  • 10% students caught in accidental plagiarism, due to lack of awareness.
  • Many students are involved in plagiarism but only 5 to 10% are caught by the authorities, due to inefficient systems.

To avoid the plagiarism and all the related issues, one has to do rewriting plagiarism in Dublin.

rewrite to avoid plagiarism Ireland experts

5 Plagiarism Myths Many Still Believe

People rewrite paper to avoid plagiarism Ireland, but they still in some myths about plagiarism:

  • People think that plagiarism checkers or detection tool caught the plagiarism. basically, they detect the duplicate text, which can be plagiarism and it can’t be plagiarism. Human intellect it required to decide.
  • Many people believe that if their document has a certain percentage of copied text, it will be detected as plagiarism. However, if the percentage of copied text is high, but it is properly citied it is not plagiarism.
  • When people are avoiding plagiarism, they rewrite the content. However, rewrite is not the ultimate solution. You have to rewrite properly to avoid plagiarism.
  • People believe that if they are using an old document, which has no copyright protection, it’s just fine to use it. but it’s not the case, using someone’s work as your own work is unethical, no matter how old it is.
  • Majority of the people think that rules of plagiarism are universal in all fields and countries, but it’s not true. Plagiarism has different implications in different fields and institutions, like academic, media, law etc.

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Top 5 Popular Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

You can easily hire an Irish plagiarism rewrite assistant if you want to avoid plagiarism. Here are some popular ways, which can help you to avoid plagiarism:

  • Paraphrasing: The best and most popular way to avoid plagiarism is to paraphrase the content. You can get affordable plagiarism rewriting Ireland service, and if you have writing still, you can do it yourself too.
  • Citation: Another way is to cite the reference properly. No matter, how short content you have copied, cite the reference within the text and on the reference page too.
  • Quotation: Use proper quotation marks, when you are copying text from any source and provide the reference too. Quoted material is not considered plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism checker: Free plagiarism checkers are available on the internet. You have to paste your text and they will highlight the duplicate text for you. You can paraphrase that text to avoid plagiarism.
  • Proofread: After paraphrasing proof read and edit your content. It will help you to avoid plagiarism.

Example of Text Rewriting

Rewriting is not very difficult, here is a simple example for your help.

Original text

“Paraphrasing services UK are helping people to avoid plagiarism; some others are using paraphrasing tool UK. However, before using services or tools, its necessary that people understand what plagiarism is, because most of time they indulge in this crime, just because of ignorance”.

Rewritten text

When people want to get rid of plagiarism, they request for the free paraphrasing software UK or paraphrasing service. Paraphrasing tool UK is also used by many for the same issue. But proper understating of the problem is very important before hiring any service or investing in tools. Usually, people are caught in plagiarism due to unawareness.

Additional Expert Advice on Avoiding Plagiarism

If you want to avoid plagiarism, learn how to paraphrase properly. If you will not be able to rewrite properly, you will not be able to get rid of this problem. If you lack writing skills, hiring a professional service is the best solution.

Why It’s Better to Rely on Professional Service?

  • Professional services have paraphrasing experts, who know all the strategies to paraphrase.
  • They can rewrite all kinds of documents, you can contact them for paper plagiarism rewriting Belfast or any other document rewriting.
  • They have editing and proof reading experts to remove all kinds of mistakes.
  • They can work in short time and save your day.
  • They are resourceful and can do the additional research too, it required.
  • They are from various academic backgrounds and can rewrite your document, no matter what your field is.

List of Irish Cities Where We Provide Our Services

When you need Irish plagiarism rewriting expert, we are here to help you. We provide our services in all the big cities of Ireland:

  • Dublin
  • Galway
  • Cork
  • Limerick
  • Belfast
  • Killarney
  • Kilkenny
  • Waterford
  • Derry
  • Dundalk
  • Craigavon
  • Drogheda

We can save you from becoming an unintentional plagiarist.

expert help rewriting plagiarism in dublin

Our Benefits and Guarantees

  • Professional rewriting experts
  • Properly cited text, if required
  • Service in all cities of Ireland
  • In time delivery
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Looking for the best rewrite to avoid plagiarism Ireland service? Contact us for editing and proofreading of your content. We can save you from all the threats which plagiarism creates!